#Moodboard: Inspired by Pink


Months ago, it was announced that 2016’s Pantone color of the year is Rose Quartz – so it’s no secret that pink is in. This blushy hue is no longer just for the girliest of girls; it has penetrated fashion runways, home decor lines, and – you guessed it – tableware, proving itself one of the chicest colors on the spectrum.

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Tablescapes: Ready, Set, Summer!

We love creating beautiful tablescapes all year round, but summer is a notably exciting time to prep a picturesque scape.  As the new season greets us, like a (warm) gust of fresh air, we tend to crave an equally fresh table. And by table, we mean anywhere you can set up shop. So don’t underestimate the power of some pretty plates and a beach blanket! You can dine almost anywhere in the summer . . . that’s the beauty of it.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the most seasonably appropriate tables to inspire your next summer gathering.


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Let’s Talk Florals: Corner Deli Hacks

Though florals are not a tabletop “essential”, per say, they can be the difference between a good table and a great table. In The Art of Setting The Table, we discussed ways to maximize your table’s aesthetic appeal. Of course, flowers were on the list.


At The Table, the rule of thumb is to purchase flowers on the day of your dinner or event. While many elements of table setting can be prepped in advance, florals are best left untouched until shortly before your guests arrive. This guarantees that flowers are fresh – and at their peak liveliness while on the table. Of course the quality of your blooms will depend on where you purchase them. When it comes to sourcing florals, there are several options. Factors that will play into your selection will include location (if we lived near the Chelsea Flower District we wouldn’t shop anywhere else), budget, and willingness to DIY.

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The Art of Setting The Table

What might have once been seen as chore, has become a form of art for many – including us, at The Table. Like getting dressed, applying makeup, or furnishing your home, table setting – or commonly referred to today as “tablescaping” – has become a tried and true form of self expression. Not only does your tablescape set the mood and tone of  your dinner, event, or gathering – in many cases, it is an extension of your personal style. After all, there is no rulebook for table setting. In fact, the “fewer rules the better” approach often yields the best results. For those who may not have that natural Martha Stewart knack, there are some basic techniques you can follow, should you find yourself stuck in that “how to set the table” conundrum. For maximum aesthetic appeal, try a few basic tricks . . .

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