Tabletop Trends: Summer

Today officially marks the first day of summer – and if you’ve forgotten, we’re sure social media has reminded you by now ☀️☀️☀️. With summer comes al fresco weather, long weekends, backyard barbeques, and an overall mood boost that make it one of our favorite times to entertain. To celebrate the summer solstice, we’re sharing some of our favorite summer tabletop trends.


The Table Settings:


Neutrals: For a natural feel, use neutral tones like different greys, silvers – even wood.

Mixed Blues: Layer several summery shades and patterns of blue – from your plates and bowls to your flatware.

Black & White: The contrast of simple white plates and black flatware deliver an understated, modern feel while allowing the rest of your table to stand out.


The Drinkware:


Colored Goblets: This is probably one of our favorite tabletop trends this summer (really for all seasons). For best results, mix and match different complementary hues – this will add more dimension to your tabletop.

Classic Crystal: We love mixing classic or vintage crystal with natural, down-to-earth elements like wood tables and foliage.

Farmhouse Tumblers: These simplistic glasses work great on an outdoor farmhouse table – tying together the “country life” vibe.


The Napkins:


Simple Stripes: Keep it simple. For summer, we’re partial to thin (but not too thin) stripes alternating with white.

Gingham: Blue, red, or pink gingham delivers a casual feel to your summer table.

Floral Patterns: a la Gucci. Need we say more?


The Table Runner:


Linen: This light and airy fabric is a summer staple.

Tie Dye: Be bold with a tie dyed, dip-dyed or shibori runner. Pair with jewel-toned drinkware and flowers to achieve the boho look above.

Festive: Try pairing your runner with your cuisine or dinner theme. For example, if you’re preparing a Mexican menu, try a subtle southwestern-inspired print.


The Blooms:the-table-summer-flowers

Delphiniums: You can find these perennials in shades of blue, purple, pink and white. For a minimalist arrangement, place two or three sprigs in a small glass jar.

Wildflowers: If you have a yard, harvest some wildflowers for your table’s centerpiece. Not only do they cost nothing to acquire, but they also make your summer table look effortlessly chic.

Dahlias: These majestic summer blooms can be dressed up or down; group together several dahlias of different sizes for a to create formal bouquet, or simply add one dahlia to a grouping of smaller, more rustic varieties and greens to add understated elegance to your dinner table.


The Details:


Fruit: This light and airy fabric is a summer staple.

Woven Chargers: If your table is feeling a little bare (or even if it’s not), try adding an extra layer of dimension by placing a woven or wicker charger underneath your plate(s).

Pillows: Forego chairs (who needs ’em?) and switch them out for pillows or cushions. Don’t have a low table? Make your own by stacking wooden pallets side by side.


What are your favorite summer tabletop trends? Let us know in the comments section below!


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