Playlist: Outdoor Dinner Party




While planning a dinner party, we typically get caught up with the obvious essentials – like the guest list, menu, table settings and flowers. But a dinner party is never complete without a carefully curated playlist that will complete the ambience and make for an unforgettable evening. The music at your dinner party should be easy to listen to, and complement the food, setting and all of the visual details. Here’s an eclectic mix that is sure to hit all the right notes at your next outdoor feast this summer.

  1. “Tell it Like it Is” – Nina Simone
  2. “Before You Accuse Me” (Unplugged) – Eric Clapton
  3. “Laisse Tomber Les Filles” – France Gall
  4. “Fall in Love” – Phantogram
  5. “This is the Day” – The The
  6. “Bring it on Home to Me” – Sam Cooke
  7. “Honey & I” – Haim
  8. “Better Man” – Leon Bridges
  9. “11th Dimension” – Julian Casablancas
  10. “Good Vibrations” – Beach Boys

Let us know your favorite track or album for an outdoor dinner party in the comment section below!

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