Tabletop Trends: Summer

Today officially marks the first day of summer – and if you’ve forgotten, we’re sure social media has reminded you by now ☀️☀️☀️. With summer comes al fresco weather, long weekends, backyard barbeques, and an overall mood boost that make it one of our favorite times to entertain. To celebrate the summer solstice, we’re sharing some of our favorite summer tabletop trends.


The Table Settings:


Neutrals: For a natural feel, use neutral tones like different greys, silvers – even wood.

Mixed Blues: Layer several summery shades and patterns of blue – from your plates and bowls to your flatware.

Black & White: The contrast of simple white plates and black flatware deliver an understated, modern feel while allowing the rest of your table to stand out.

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Playlist: Outdoor Dinner Party




While planning a dinner party, we typically get caught up with the obvious essentials – like the guest list, menu, table settings and flowers. But a dinner party is never complete without a carefully curated playlist that will complete the ambience and make for an unforgettable evening. The music at your dinner party should be easy to listen to, and complement the food, setting and all of the visual details. Here’s an eclectic mix that is sure to hit all the right notes at your next outdoor feast this summer.

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The Edit: Father’s Day

Let’s face it . . . when it comes to Father’s Day, all dad really wants is to kick back and enjoy the summer sun. So, fire up the grill, stock up on outdoor tableware, and cue the lawn games. While you’re at it, bring a gift that he can enjoy the day of – because we all know “he doesn’t need anything”. Showing up with bbqing extras or a fun new game, is a sure way to win dad over on his special day.


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Tablescapes: Ready, Set, Summer!

We love creating beautiful tablescapes all year round, but summer is a notably exciting time to prep a picturesque scape.  As the new season greets us, like a (warm) gust of fresh air, we tend to crave an equally fresh table. And by table, we mean anywhere you can set up shop. So don’t underestimate the power of some pretty plates and a beach blanket! You can dine almost anywhere in the summer . . . that’s the beauty of it.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the most seasonably appropriate tables to inspire your next summer gathering.


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Cocktails: Summer Friday Rosé

Calling all rosé lovers! We’ll assume that’s a lot of you, since rosé consumption in the US was just reported second in the world, next to France. This light and refreshing rosé cocktail is worthy of kicking off the first Friday of official Summer … #summerfridays

De rien!


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Kitchens We Love

Whether you’re a master chef or a takeout queen, the kitchen matters. After all, there’s a reason we (as a species), have coined the term “dream kitchen”. Because if our kitchen was amazing, we would cook every meal, host every holiday, and spend way more time in it. Well, until we have the dream house with the dream kitchen, we can just … dream.

Here are a few kitchens we would love to call our own.

A grandiose kitchen with the perfect pairing of chic and modern.

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Recipes: Red, White and Blue Memorial Day Pavlova

As Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the summer – A.K.A. bikini season – we crave a dessert that’s light, refreshing and fruit-forward. This weekend, we’re making a pavlova: a meringue dessert topped with whipped cream and fresh berries. We love this dessert because it’s easy to make, yet elegant – the merengue crust delivers complexity, as it’s crisp on the outside and marshmallow-y on the inside, while the cool whipped cream and berries add layers of subdued sweetness. (Note: while you can use any type of fruit to top a traditional pavlova, for Memorial day we chose strawberries and blueberries to make our dessert red, white and blue.)

Follow the recipe below to make this delicate, delicious and festive dessert for your Memorial Day BBQ.


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#Moodboard: The Table Green


How and why does a company choose its color? Some companies will hire color experts, some may perform psychological studies, some may just pick a color they like. For us at The Table, our color was green since inception – simply because we love the tone it evokes. Of course, there were the “meant to be” markers that further solidified our decision. For instance – the route between our original offices at the time (our homes), just happened to be green. Since we live in Brooklyn, New York, we don’t mean a meadow of fresh cut grass – actually, quite the contrary. Sandwiched between a wash of grey and brown buildings and industrial complexes, sits the overhead green of the Gowanus Expressway. Because it linked us to one another like our own version of the yellow brick road, it was just another green light.

But more than any liking or signs, we wanted our color to evoke a sense of calm, cool, collectiveness. A soft shade of minty green tends to do just that. And as we prepare for the launch of our tabletop collection this Fall, we tend to be seeing green, aka our color, everywhere . . . #mood.

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10 Tables We’d Like to Sit At

It should come as no surprise that we love a good table. These are some of our favorites; between their unique color pallets, settings, food and locations, each sets a distinct tone for the meal ahead. Of the best tables we’ve seen, one word describes them all – inviting.

Guests at designer Lisa Perry’s Hamptons home overlook Noyak bay while enjoying some artful dining.
Guests at designer Lisa Perry’s Hamptons home overlook Noyak bay while enjoying some artful dining.
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