#Moodboard: The Table Green


How and why does a company choose its color? Some companies will hire color experts, some may perform psychological studies, some may just pick a color they like. For us at The Table, our color was green since inception – simply because we love the tone it evokes. Of course, there were the “meant to be” markers that further solidified our decision. For instance – the route between our original offices at the time (our homes), just happened to be green. Since we live in Brooklyn, New York, we don’t mean a meadow of fresh cut grass – actually, quite the contrary. Sandwiched between a wash of grey and brown buildings and industrial complexes, sits the overhead green of the Gowanus Expressway. Because it linked us to one another like our own version of the yellow brick road, it was just another green light.

But more than any liking or signs, we wanted our color to evoke a sense of calm, cool, collectiveness. A soft shade of minty green tends to do just that. And as we prepare for the launch of our tabletop collection this Fall, we tend to be seeing green, aka our color, everywhere . . . #mood.

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