The Picnic: The City & The Country

When it comes to packing a picnic – the antidote is a no fuss approach. Toss some things in a bag (or basket), and be on your way, because let’s be honest – most picnics come by way of an impulse desire to be one with the great outdoors (whilst maybe enjoying a little nosh as well). Where you are picnicking might effect your packing list – for example, while in the city, a multipurpose straw tote and thermos will do the trick. The country yields a little more room for novelty items – that transport easily from house to yard, or car to meadow. Wherever, whenever, and however you are going to picnic – make sure to grab a comfy blanket and a few outdoor friendly accessories – and then, just enjoy!

And when it comes to city vs. country – we say, both.


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